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Christian Health Services of Papua New Guinea is the organization representing all the Christian Churches Health work at the Provincial and National levels. National and Provincial Governments recognize the CMC as the body representing all the Churches in their relationship with the Government, regarding Health work. Internationally, Christian Health Services of Papua New Guinea is associated with the Christian Medical Commission and the World Council of Chrches.
The Purpose of Church Health Services as a constitutional organization is to strive to carry out the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ by providing quality and affordable Health Care for all people

Chairman's Message

Welcome to the Churche Health Serive Website

Historically, the Churches have always played an important role in Health work in Papua New Guinea. Starting with the help given by the wives of the first missionaries in the 1870's through the start of work by trained nurses in 1894 and into the more formal services of this country, the Churches have played a leading role in the provision of Health Care

Many of the Missionaries came into PNG with the vision of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their minds were set on preaching the Gospel to the lost tribes and did not give much thought of the other social conditions until they were confronted with the realities of life in the land of the unknown. Soon they realized the realities of the great commission of Jesus Christ. The command was that preaching and healing went hand in hand and it was never meant to be separated. It is biblical that the Churches are involved in the provision of Health Servies.

Among the objectives of Christian Health Services is to establish closer rapport through exchanges of information, to consult and discuss common pursuit of its mission and to monitor the progress and development of the Health ministries in member Churches and to foster closer coordination, cooperation and goodwill between the private and government sectors in health services deliveries.

I sincerly hope this website would serve as a tool to communicate and convey information to a broad audience regarding the activities of Church Health Servies. This website would increase the communit's awareness of CHS's identity and member associations as a whole. One of the objectives of this website is to encourage potential customers and donors to contact members associations and their members directly for health service delivery opportunities. In today's competing world CHS PNG is dedicated to provide the people of this country the best of the well planned health services.

I am thankful to CHS's Executive Officer and his team for their efforts in creating this important website.

God Bless,


Doctor and his wife

Executive Officer's Message

by Joseph SIka, the Executive Officer of Christian Health Services, Papua New Guinea…